I'm currently Head of Conversation Design Outreach at Google.




Previously, I was VP of User Experience at Sensely, where their virtual nurse avatar helps patients with chronic health conditions.  Patients have a conversation with the avatar via speech or text, such as a daily check-in for people with congestive heart failure.



As Principal Interaction Designer, I created engaging spoken conversations, and built tools to bring them to life.  Volio won the "Demo God" award at Demo Mobile 2013: our CEO had a live conversation with the Volio version of himself.  Check out our Esquire Magazine app.


Amazon Echo Skill: Daily Wellness Check

For my first Amazon Echo skill, I designed and coded a conversational "daily wellness check". Be sure and stay until the end.



Ford SYNC 

As lead Voice User Interface designer for Ford SYNC traffic (at Microsoft), I worked closely with Ford to create a voice interface for accessing traffic information, which is now deployed in over 7 million cars



For one of my projects as Senior Voice User Interface designer at Nuance Communications, I designed the IVR for 511, a free service for the San Francisco Bay Area that enables people to get realtime traffic information, estimated driving times, and public transit information over the phone. As this was in 2004, pre-smartphones, it enabled millions of people to get traffic and transit info while away from home, and is still in use today