"When the user interacts with the avatar, it’s done via a conversational back and forth between patient and avatar. The avatar gives instructions, for example, such as when to put on the blood pressure cuff. She also asks questions, such as if the patient has had any shortness of breath. It’s crucial to make this conversation follow natural human conversation principles; stilted or robotic interactions will lead to frustration and fewer successful check-ins."

I created and taught a 2-day workshop at the 2017 O'Reilly Design Conference, which covered basic Voice User Interface Design principles, tools for prototyping designs, analyzing usage, and plenty of hands-on exercises.

I wrote a blog about the science of relationships.  I interviewed experts in the field, conducted research, and even tried some experiments on myself.  This was a labor of love (ha), not a paid gig.  Sample articles:

Are My Husband and I Compatible? We Asked Science.

Speed Dating: What You Say Matters

Mmmm, Sweaty T-Shirts

As part of my research on the science of relationships, I looked at Twitter data to see if people tweeted differently when talking about on-line dating sites Tinder, OK Cupid, and eHarmony.  My hypothesis was that they would be very different, but in fact the main differences were found in discussing whatever viral articles were popular at that time.

I used the open-source analytics tool KNIME to pull in the Twitter data and run my analyses, and was invited to speak about it at their summit in Berlin.


Cathy Pearl